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Trust takes time. That's why your website visitors don't make a reservation on their first visit. But why are we giving these interested travellers so little extra attention?

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98% of your website visitors leave your site after visiting the first time.

  • This is because the visitor doesn't feel understood.

  • The visitor loses interest in your offer.

  • The visitor could become a respected client at your competitor.

Hi there! We are Magnad

With our Growth Program we make sure that the people who visit your website convert to happy travellers. We do this by using social media ads for travel agencies, hotels and other accommodations. A lot of successful entrepreneurs are already using social media marketing.
A lot of social media marketing agencies aren’t transparant. Why do you pay what you pay and where does your money go? This is often unclear.
We wanted to do this different. That’s why we’re completely transparant, guaranteed.
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The power of the Funnel

Most people don’t book the first time they get in touch with a brand. Actually, 98% leave your website without leaving their e-mail, phone number or any other kind of information.
However, this is the audience that is interested in your trip or accommodation. It is crucial to get this audience back in touch with you.
A funnel is a very useful tool for this. With designing your funnel we can see exactly where people leave and how to get people back in touch with you.
So the funnel makes the customer journey clear. This customer journey always exists of multiple points of contact with your company.
Now you might be thinking: “This is far to complicated and expensive for a company like ours.”

Funnels, especially crucial for SMEs

A good funnel is a must in online marketing for SMEs. Not having a well thought-out funnel makes it almost impossible to follow a successful strategy.
We understand that not every company has a lot of time to do their own marketing. That’s why we would love to help you with this. Let’s schedule a quick call to talk about your funnel!
  • 1
    First contact

    A potential client contacts you to ask for advice about a trip. In this conversation you get the chance to build trust and authority.

  • 2
    Further orientation

    The potential client also contact other options. Because you stay visible with well-timed ads, the clients returns to you.

  • 3
    Build trust

    Moments of interaction build trust. Since trust is the very base of business, this is a crucial step. There are some other tactics you can use to build trust with the potential client, like social proof.

  • 4

    When the trust is build, the step to book with you is small enough for the potential client to take. The objections are gone and the relation is build on mutual trust.

How can my company use this?

Some of our clients

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This is what clients say about us

``I found it difficult to hand over tasks, but Magnad quickly showed that they had the knowledge and skills to work together with. They are very good at coming up with innovative solutions. The cooperation and communication was easy and clear. ``
Marianne Segers Beeternal
``Magnad used effective ads to make Barneveld Tomorrow known among our audience.``
Heleen Kleijer Barneveld Tomorrow